I Became The Villainess In an Anticlimactic Novel Chapter 1

Are you a manga enthusiast who enjoys tales of unexpected twists and unconventional storytelling? If so, then you’re in for a treat as we delve into the first chapter of “I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel Chapter 1.” In this article, we’ll take you on a detailed journey through the opening chapter of this captivating manga, exploring its plot, characters, and the unique premise that sets it apart.

Intro: “I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel”

I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel” is a manga series that masterfully combines isekai and romance genres with a refreshing twist. The story introduces us to our protagonist, Eris, who finds herself transported into the world of a popular romance novel, not as the heroine, but as the villainess.

Chapter 1 serves as the gateway to this intriguing world and sets the stage for Eris’s adventures and challenges in this new reality.

Plot Overview – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 opens with a seemingly ordinary day in Eris’s life. She’s a young woman with an uneventful existence, content with her mundane routine and longing for a little excitement. However, her world is about to be turned upside down in the most unexpected way.

Eris’s life takes a dramatic turn when she discovers an eerie-looking necklace at a flea market. She purchases the necklace, unaware of its mystical properties, and is soon transported into a different world – a world right out of the pages of a romance novel, no less.

What’s more, Eris doesn’t find herself in the shoes of the novel’s protagonist but in the role of the story’s antagonist – the villainess. In the novel, she’s named Celia and is fated to be the ultimate hindrance to the romance between the male and female leads.

As Eris comes to terms with her bizarre predicament, she realizes that she’s not alone in this strange world. A mysterious character named Aiden, who seems to have knowledge of her situation, appears and reveals some crucial information. This revelation sets the stage for Eris to navigate the challenges of her newfound life as Celia and, perhaps, to find a way to rewrite the story.

I became the villainess in an anticlimactic novel chapter 1

Plot synopsis: Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 of I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel, Ria is introduced to her new world. She’s in the middle of a ball, and she’s supposed to be flirting with the hero, Prince Calix. But instead, she starts talking to him about her favorite books and movies.

Calix is confused, but he’s also intrigued. He’s never met a villainess like Ria before. She’s not mean or scheming. She’s just… herself.

The chapter ends with Ria and Calix dancing together. Ria is having a great time, but she knows that her new life as the villainess won’t be easy. She has to find a way to avoid her doom, and she has to do it without hurting anyone.

Character Introductions

  • Eris/Celia: The protagonist of our story, who goes by Eris in the real world and Celia in the novel’s alternate reality. She’s a relatable character, initially apprehensive about her situation but determined to carve her own path.
  • Aiden: The enigmatic character who appears early in the story. Aiden seems to hold the key to many of the mysteries surrounding Eris’s predicament, making him an intriguing character with the potential for further development.

The Unique Premise

What sets “I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel” apart from many other manga series is its clever twist on the isekai genre. While most isekai stories feature protagonists who become heroes, in this story, Eris becomes the character destined to thwart the romance and happiness of others. This unique premise opens the door to countless possibilities for character development, narrative surprises, and thought-provoking themes.

Themes and Exploration

Chapter 1 of the manga sets the foundation for exploring several themes that are likely to be developed further as the story unfolds:

  1. Identity and Self-Discovery: Eris’s transformation into Celia forces her to confront questions of identity and self-discovery. Can she rewrite her role in the story and, in doing so, rediscover herself?
  2. Challenging Fate: The concept of defying a predetermined fate is central to the narrative. Eris’s journey will likely revolve around the idea that individuals have the power to shape their destinies.
  3. Romantic Dynamics: As a character in a romance novel, Eris/Celia is positioned at the heart of the story’s romantic dynamics. This theme promises complex relationships, unexpected twists, and emotional depth.

Artistic Style and Visual Appeal

The artwork in Chapter 1 of “I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel” is engaging and immersive. The character designs are well-detailed, expressions are emotive, and the settings effectively convey the atmosphere of both the real world and the novel’s alternate reality.

I became the villainess in an anticlimactic novel
I became the villainess in an anticlimactic novel manga

Where to Read I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel

I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel is a manga series that is currently being serialized in the Japanese magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum. The manga has been translated into English and is available to read on a number of websites, including Mangadex and Tappytoon.

You can read I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel on the following websites:

  • MangaKakalot
  • MangaGo
  • MangaTown
  • KissManga
  • TappyToon

Why Chapter 1 is a Promising Start

  1. Intriguing Premise: The manga’s unique premise immediately captivates the reader and sets high expectations for the story’s development.
  2. Relatable Protagonist: Eris/Celia’s relatability and determination make her a character readers can root for and connect with.
  3. Potential for Complex Storytelling: The themes introduced in Chapter 1 promise a narrative rich in depth, emotion, and character development.

So, what did I think of Chapter 1 of I Became the Villainess in An Anticlimactic Novel?

Well, I have to say, I’m pretty hooked. The story is interesting, the characters are well-developed, and the art is beautiful. I especially liked the way the author introduced Anya’s character. She’s not the typical villainess. She’s intelligent, resourceful, and determined. And she’s also kind of funny. I’m also intrigued by the relationship between Anya and Cedric. It’s clear that there’s something more to their relationship than meets the eye.

If you’re a fan of manga, romance, or fantasy, then I highly recommend checking out I Became the Villainess in An Anticlimactic Novel.


Chapter 1 of “I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel” introduces readers to a world where the boundaries between heroes. And villains are blurred, and the power to defy fate lies in the hands of the protagonist. With its unique premise, relatable characters, and the promise of engaging themes, this manga is off to a promising start. As we eagerly anticipate the story’s unfolding, one thing is certain: Eris/Celia’s journey in this alternate reality is bound to be unforgettable. And unpredictable adventure in the world of manga.

Overall, I think I Became the Villainess in An Anticlimactic Novel is a great new manga series. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next chapter.

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