ADHD Planner: Packing Up for a Car Trip with Helpful Strategies

Special research has recently been conducted in the UK to find out the number of kids and adults with ADHD. The study of the world-leading medical and scientific journals ‘Lancet’ and ‘NICE’ has revealed that the rate of ADHD symptoms among grown-ups equals 3-4% and the childhood incidence rate is a bit higher which makes 5%. Thus, the quantity of people with ADHD is 708,000 children and 1,9 million adults for a total estimate of 2.6 million people in the UK.

ADHD kids and adults are not quirks or eccentric, they are different. Their special traits of character should be taken into account when travel preparations are in full fling. We have collected the most useful recommendations on how to get things ready for a car journey with ADHD individuals.

Creating a Packing Planner for Adults with ADHD

For people with ADHD, packing for a trip should start with drawing up an elaborate list of things needed for a trip. The checklist will help you deal with your absent-mindedness. Plus, you won’t forget vital items for a car journey, such as:

  • Documents. Gather all necessary documents: passport, ID card, visa, driver’s licence, international driver’s licence, travel insurance documents, vaccination card, credit card, and money.
  • Car Accessories. Gather and put in your auto such accessories as car phone mounts, Bluetooth tracker, power inverter car adaptor, and portable power station. They’ll make your journey more organised and predictable.

Note: If you’re going for a family trip by rental car, make the necessary reservations beforehand. Find companies with the best cars for families with ADHD members – like – they offer spacious 7-seater car hire or other car categories at reasonable prices. 

Clothes and Textile Accessories:

  • Think of the items you won’t do without on a journey like T-shirts, jeans, pullovers, tops, socks, and pyjamas. Don’t forget crucial textile accessories such as packable travel blankets, towels, and travel pillows.


  • A trip is impossible without electronic devices. Pack gadgets that you use in your daily life, for instance, Bluetooth, AirPods, travel adapter, power bank, or portable speakers. 


  • Put in your shower bag a toothbrush with a cover, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, and other hygienic items.

First Aid Kit:

  • Neurodivergent people under treatment often hang back when it comes to distant travelling. Can you make a trip if you have ADHD in this case? Yes, you can put into a first aid box the medicines prescribed for ADHD. Add other necessary medications – painkillers, iodine patches, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, antiseptic wound cleanser, and sterile gauze dressings.
ADHD Planner

Helpful information 

Are you at a loss and cannot pack up your suitcase properly? Or you don’t want to spend much time making a paper list of travel essentials? Below are several hints for a trouble-free travel preparation:

Download ADHD apps.

  • One of the best applications for a successful packing up is Pikator. Using it, you will draw up a play-by-play travel list in a few minutes. All you need to do is to fill in the gaps with the corresponding info and then tick the completed items. You can save this list use it again, and share it with friends and family. If you lack inspiration, public lists will help you to find a lot of ideas.

Use ADHD digital planners.

  • Handy apps designed for ADHD neurotypes will help you if you’ve tried hard but failed with travel packing routines. Download FutureADHD on your iPad or Android tablet. A stylish dark-mode planner with 260 templates and identical contents will guide you in brushing up your messy life. 

How to Get Ready for a Car Trip with ADHD Children

Neurodivergent kids have certain peculiarities. Bear them in mind when you are getting everything set for a road trip with an ADHD child:


ADHD children have trouble staying concentrated in play or tasks, tend to have long-lasting daydreaming, avoid tasks that demand focusing and are easily distracted.


The little ones are in constant motion. They often run around, jump, or climb when it is not appropriate.

adhd symptoms


Kiddos show impatience while waiting for their turn, intrude on others’ conversations, talk too much, interrupt questioners, and give answers suddenly and without thinking.


Researchers have found out that more than 50% of kids with ADHD exhibit unforeseen outbursts of anger or frustration. The behavioural disorders pop up as a result of tiredness, overwhelming stress, or inability to regulate emotions. Parents use special strategies to manage sudden tantrums. Explore more information on MOBSEAR Gallery.

Step-by-Step Adviser for Long Car Rides with ADHD Kids

We’ve considered all the challenges of ADHD behavioural peculiarities. And compiled an action plan for perfect travel preparation.

1.Make a checklist

To stay organised and well-prepared, create a checklist of important ADHD items for car travel with kids. The must-have things to include in the list are clothes, medications, snacks, documentation, sensory tools, toiletries, and toys.

2.Keep important items easily accessible

Spread all your travelling items in separate packing cubes. Then put them in the suitcase in the order of their importance. Medications, sensory boxes, and documents should come first.

3.Involve your child in travel preps

Print a visual reminder and ask your kids to help pack the belongings. Such work will teach little travellers to get ready for a trip and stay organised. While packing, tell them where you are going and how long the journey will take.

4.Keep Your Kids Occupied During Travel

It would be a nice idea to think over the things to do on a road trip for kids with ADHD. Entertaining activities will soothe their restlessness and develop the necessary skills.

adhd test

A Tablet with an App

One of the most appropriate variants for a distant trip is Goally’s Kids Tablet with more than 20 apps with 40+ types of courses. It is designed for kids who are from 2 to 10 years old. The tablet with the largest library of fun and interactive skill-building videos teaches kids how to practise hygiene and build language, social, and emotional skills. Other useful applications include Endless Alphabet, BrainPOP Jr., and Toca Boca games.


A car trip will never be boring with good audiobooks. Specialists in neurodiversity offer several engaging audio stories and novels that will develop listening and comprehension skills. The absorbing plot is sure to keep your children engaged during ADHD long car rides:

  • ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl;
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by J.K Rowling;
  • “Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus” by Dusti Bowling;
  • “From the Desk of Zoe Washington” by Janae Marks;
  • “Save Me A Seat” by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan.
  • Sensory Travel Kits

A sensory travel box is a strongly advisable item if you are planning to take an ADHD kid on a car trip. A sensory box should contain such items as textured balls, weighted lap pads, fidget toys, play dough, or clay. All of them are designed to keep your child calm and evolve tactile, visual, and auditory skills. Don’t overlook noise-cancelling headphones to reduce harsh traffic sounds and a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

Take care of safety in a car

An unpredictable, hyperactive, and impulsive child in a car is a challenge. Thus, a child seat is a must for a little fidget. If you’re planning to rent a vehicle, find companies with child car seats. Special equipment will ensure safe car rides with children suffering from attention disorder. By the way, did you know about the privileges of an ADHD mobility car? They are equipped with additional driving aids and are free or offered at lower charges.

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